Durham Nativity School

Friday: Personal Branding & Reflections
To better understand the importance of personal branding, students discussed what they value,what makes them stand out, and what makes them compelling. As the classes ended, Mr. Hadley lead a discussion about the weeks events and identified the progress that the students made during the week. Students believed that communication, patience, and common courtesy were some areas of personal growth

Thursday: Relationship Building & Success
It's time to critically think; DNS students took a Sociology class and an Understanding Global Citizenship class. Mr. Hadley and his team have done a terrific job of crafting engaging classes while encouraging DNS students to be excellent in everything they do. DNS spent the rest of the afternoon bonding with their YSA teachers; first, it's was off to Dave and Busters for food, fun and unlimited games. Upon returning to campus, they spent the evening with their brothers/mentors from the Institute for Responsible Citizens. After sharing a delicious meal of chicken, greens, and mumbo sauce, the night's activities was a round table discussion about brotherhood and success. Everyone had a chance to share their thoughts and ideas. The night ended as students took selfies with their mentors and said their goodbyes.


Wednesday:College Exploration
Members of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship gave students informative classes about the path to college and connecting personal success to education. After lunch, students visited Howard University and the University of Maryland. The night concluded with a workshop, "Journey to High School, College & Beyond." Overall, the students did a great job of paying attention and working as a team in the class room and on the Metro throughout the long day of walking and classes.
Morning classes (Top), Scavenger Hunt at Howard University, School Picture at the University of Maryland (Bottom)

Monday & Tuesday: Welcome to the Nation's Capital
Proudly sporting DNS uniforms, the guys were treated to a tour of the National Mall and had a chance to see some of our nation's greatest monuments. Each night has ended with an activity and reflection. After class on Tuesday, the young men toured our Capitol Building and had the opportunity to meet and speak with North Carolina's Congressman Price. Students asked well-formed questions about, education, technology, and unemployment. Price shared that he had once heard Dr. Moylan speak and was very inspired by Moylan's life and the school's mission.After masterfully handling the subway during rush hour, the students played Uno, Taboo, and Monopoly with their mentors.

Game Night with the Scholars


Alston Gardner (Friend and Supporter of DNS) with Congressman Price


Students admire the ceiling in Capitol's Rotunda

Nightly reflections on the day's events



We’re Off

Students were on-time and ready to go; they looked sharp in khaki shorts and polos. The bus was luxurious and comfortable with ample of
space. Students enjoyed playing games on their IPods, chatting non-stop, eating snacks from the truck stop, napping, and watching Green Lantern. Of course, there was some Sunday afternoon traffic as we approached DC but the boys didn’t seem to notice!
DC Trip 2014 (5).JPGDC Trip 2014 (3).JPG

Upon arriving at American University, Youth Scholar Academy’ director, Calvin Hadley, and president, Bill Keyes greeted the boys and got them settled into their dorm rooms. After that, Mr. Hadley and his team gave an introduction to the program while the DNS boys got to know their young mentors, who are part of Mr. Keyes’ program the Institute for Responsible Citizens. As expected, all of these men are currently attending very reputable universities such as Princeton, Villanova, Morehouse, Syracuse, and Brown. It seems as if they will be a tremendously positive influence for the DNS men. Mr. Keyes’ spoke to the group; his message was simple but poignant: have success and serve your communitiy/. Even though the day ran longer than planned, the spirits remained high as the night was closed with ironing clothes, watching the NBA finals, and a good shower