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Links for 4/22/2014

Sample Letter
Working Document

Irrigation Homework

Click on Blue-Beary...if you dare

Watch Out Blue-Beary

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science.

Garden Bed Project

Domus Rubric & Worksheet

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Domus Examples

Download this E-Version of "The City" for educational purposes only

Study Resources and Videos
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Class Webquest: Roman Numeral Project

Roman Numeral Games

Final Review Jeopardy

Latin Review Games

Reflection Project

Glogster Assignment Instructions

Artifacts from the Empire
Parents do you need help with your student's Latin homework? Here is a link to Google translator; it is not perfect but it might help you out. Also, all of the vocabulary should be in previous packets and notes. Latin Translator

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Extra Resources

Thanksgiving break resources: Did your son leave his packet at school or does he want to play the board game to help study; here are the files for you to download and print if needed.

August Vocab. Review Game
Vocabulary Games/Activities
Ancient Rome for kids